Cultural Competence Training

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Is your organization ready to serve older LGBT adults?

There are about 3 million LGBT adults age 50+ in the United States. That’s a lot of people – a group that’s expected to double by 2030. And they are potential customers for you and your organization. Life hasn’t always been kind to older LGBT people. Due to age, sexual orientation and/or gender identity, many of them have been marginalized in their lives. That’s why it’s important that they find in your organization a high level of comfort, safety and affirmation as LGBT human beings worthy of living open and productive lives in their later years.

What can Rainbow Elder Care Help You Achieve?

gay man coupleDid you know? LGBT elders are four times less likely to have children, and they are twice as likely to live alone. Yet, they are also five times less likely to access senior services than their straight peers. More than 80 percent of older LGBT adults would feel more comfortable with staff at organizations trained to address their unique needs.

Rainbow Elder Care’s consulting services can help you and your organization better understand the community and culture of the growing number of older LGBT adults, as well as some of their differing needs as they age – from senior living to informed health care to legal/financial services to affirming social activities. We provide:

  • Cultural competency training
  • Organizational readiness assessments
  • Referrals
  • Collaborative marketing opportunities with organizations interested in serving this community.

We’ll Get You Prepared!

lesbian couple counselingNew and emerging laws, as well as legal and regulatory restrictions, are requiring some businesses to better serve the LGBT community. At a minimum, they must help to ensure that older LGBT people are not victimized by discrimination. Older LGBT people deserve to be affirmed as they age, and increasingly our courts are mandating attention to their needs as a marginalized community. We can help your organization better understand this community of potential new customers, and certify your organization as one that can credibly and affirmatively serve older LGBT adults.

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