Happy New Year 2021!

It’s been a REALLY challenging and strange year, hasn’t it? So many things made 2020 infamous, but it still reminded us that there are things we value and never want to take for granted.

As we head into a new year filled with hope and possibilities, we at Rainbow Elder Care of Greater Dayton value YOU and want to say thank you for your support and love. The work we do to better the lives or LGBT elders in Greater Dayton and southwest Ohio is possible only because of your love and generosity. We value our friends and supporters, and look forward to new opportunities in 2021.

Here are some things we will be doing in 2021:

  • continuing support for these less fortunate during the pandemic
  • continuing our efforts to identify safe/affordable housing for older LGBT adults
  • developing intergenerational efforts to create connection and avoid isolation
  • continuing cultural competence training for senior service providers

If you are considering a year-end tax deductible gift to an organization, please consider donating to Rainbow Elder Care. Your donation will be used to further our mission and support the needs of LGBT elders in our area. Thank you!


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