Rainbow Elder Care Statement on Administration proposal to change gender definition


In response to administration efforts to eliminate the rights of transgender people, Rainbow Elder Care of Greater Dayton shares the following statement:

Rainbow Elder Care of Greater Dayton strongly opposes the Trump Administration’s proposal to redefine gender as a “biological and fixed condition”. As the headline in The New York Times put it, “transgender” could be defined out of existence under this proposal. We are angered and saddened by the language included in this memo, which would essentially erase the lives and experiences of 2 million Americans who are transgender or gender non-conforming. The transgender community, as well as the entire LGBTQ community, has been the target of violence, discrimination, and oppression for many years. We have fought for, and deserve as the Americans that we are, the full protection of civil rights for all law-abiding tax-paying citizens. Any attempt such as this to strip protections and deny our existence should and must be opposed by all Americans.

Rainbow Elder Care of Greater Dayton stands with other local and national organizations working on behalf of the LGBTQ community as committed to the support and dignity of our transgender sisters and brothers. We are ONE, and we will work alongside one another to prevent the harm caused by illogical and malicious practices such as that being considered by the Administration.

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